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Aug 2, 2013 2:30am PDT
with pakistan and america's uneasy ally calling for an end to drone strikes on its soil. pakistan and the u.s. are opening the dialogue. this relationship has been strainve t u.s. drone program and what the u.s. believes is pakistan's half hearted approaching to cracking down in their borders. secretary of state john kerry is suggesting the program could be winding down adding most of the threat has been eliminated. kerry also said that he believes president obama has a real time line for ending the striem. remarks the state department walked back. u.s. drone strikes killed 8 suspected militants in pakistan. >>> we know it's been a while since we've seen edward snowden. we've gotten a picture of edward snowden. he's a legal resident of russia. he's been granted temporary asylum by moscow. that will allow him to remain in that country for at least a year. yesterday snowden was seen leaving the moscow airport where he was stranded for more than a month. the website wikileaks says he remains with legal advisor sarah harrison and is currently in a secure, confidential location. the u.s. is dema
Aug 1, 2013 2:30am PDT
be searched by name, or keyword. this is critical for protecting america. internal documents say 300 terrorists were captured using information from x-keyscore. greenwald spoke about the program last night on msnbc. >> there's no oversight on these analysts, they click the clickdown menu. we think he's foreign, we think he works for a foreign government. they're often running with extremely evasive surveillance. >> meanwhile. both sides are questioning the nsa programs. patrick leahy lead the committee hearing said he's seen a list of terror events. but was not convinced the nsa tactics are effective. later today president obama intends to meet with congress to discuss programs as fell as the controversy fisa courts. president obama is not done trying to reboot his economic message. first, they were called that then went behind closed doors on capitol hill yesterday. the president with sessions to rally across the middle last plan. the house speaker didn't miss an opportunity to take a dig. >> i'm not going to speak for what the president is doing or why he's doing it. if i had poll
Aug 14, 2013 2:30am PDT
fair share on lottery tickets. america, meet the ocean 16. with megamerger of airlines make your flights more expensive? the federal government thinks so and makes a deal to block. even hooters wants nothing to do with the mayor of san diego. we'll explain on "way too early." >>> good morning, everybody. wednesday, august 14th of 2013. we actually have a lot of overnight news to get to, so we want to start with breaking news from louisiana where a hostage situation turned deadly at the bank in the town of st. joseph's. police say gunman killed one person and shot another before a member of the s.w.a.t. team shot him after the 12-hour siege. the 20-year-old took three hostages just after noon yesterday. he released one after nine ho s hours. police spokesman said that the gunman was a paranoid schizophrenic and had planned to do harm. >>> we're following new clashes overnight in egypt. the muslim brotherhood are claiming that dozens of its brothers are dead. they fired tear gas at the crowds to break up a sit-in that was supporting former president mohamed morsi who was removed f
Aug 30, 2013 2:30am PDT
children who are up getting ready to go to school here in america. and the easter bunny is resting as well. but when it comes to the first tooth, i can see where kids get the five or ten bucks. then there it goes down. you get back to earth with a quarter or a dollar for -- >> i want to give them a real strong baseline. they got to work harder. >> let's have the kids focus on this great news about the tooth fairy. thanks so much. >>> all right. so pope francis continues to make headlines for changing the way we think. if you're part of the catholic church he's leading a new path as the head of it. check out this photo. look at this. they are clamoring around. we thought woe have some fun. tgif capturing contest. use the #waytooearly. still ahead on "way too early" team tebow playing for a roster spot versus the giants. he didn't look too good at first but the south paw warmed up. an office prank goes prehistoric. how these workers handled a dinosaur attack. that story and a check on weather. can you imagine if that thing stormed in here? >> over 80% of the city is flooded. covered with wat
Aug 8, 2013 2:30am PDT
is a threat because a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing america, you said russia. not al qaeda. you said russia. and in the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back. you know, the cold war has been over for 20 years. >> considered one of the lines that won the election for president obama, actually. white house press secretary jay carney says the u.s. will continue to work with russia on a number of issues. president obama still plans to attend the group of 20 summit in st. petersburg next month. >>> in yemen, more drone strikes this morning as it's still unclear what sort of attack al qaeda is noting there. the government is sending mixed signals about whether the terror group was planning to hit major oil terminal as the spokesman first claimed. still, there's no doubt that country is a hot bed for violent extremists. the american embassy closed in several locations because of the plot. president obama told troops at camp pendleton that the u.s. does not retreat from the world and does not get terrorized. >> because of you, osa
Aug 21, 2013 2:30am PDT
about gun control. >>> health care costs are rising in america, but not by as much as you might expect. a new survey finds the average annual premium for a family in the u.s. rose just 4% to over $16,000. that figure is low compared to a decade ago. not in terms of the dollar amounts, but the percentage increases were around 10%. still compared to the modest rise in wages and inflation, the cost of health care obviously still significantly higher. the study also suggested obamacare is not linked to a rise in insurance costs. >>> now to business where the federal reserve will release minutes from its latest policy meeting. en vethey will look for any indication that the central bank will begin drawing down its bond buying program.n they will look indication that the central bank will begin drawing down its bond buying program. they will look indication that the central bank will begin drawing down its bond buying program.they will look f indication that the central bank will begin drawing down its bond buying program. the dow logged its fifth day of losses, but the nasdaq and s&p did ee
Aug 7, 2013 2:30am PDT
much waiting to get that exact news on the timing of tapering. elsewhere, bank of america is again in the headlines. they're facing a freshl civil suit, this time by the sec and justice department around some prime loans. now this does not relate to countrywide which it inherited. instead, this relates directly to the bank. regulators accused bank of america of lying around so-called prime mortgages. they suggest that 15% of jumbo mortgages were actually not high quality loans. they were taken up by wealthy people for those that took out the loans didn't have the documentation to support their income, brian. >> karen, also -- so the "washington post" gets sold to jeff bezos. how did the stock perform on the news? >> it seems as investors are loving the news. "the washington post" staff may not know what the changes are going to be that he brings into the newspaper. the stock market responded by pushing the shares up 4.3%. this was a five-year high. so it seems as though investors are onboard here. i don't think there is any huge success at amazon. he was the seattle. he keeps his d
Aug 15, 2013 2:30am PDT
being anti-obama and convince people you can have hope in america, that we can have a better future. >> priebus urged members to abandon titles like conservative and libertarian and instead focus on being a republican and alluded to the 47% for mitt romney's failed run for the white house. >> we're the party of freedom and opportunity and not the other side. we don't tell anyone. you wouldn't know it because we don't talk about it. promoting the brand, unlimited opportunity for everyone in america, not the 47, but the 100%. >>> private bradley man something expressing regret for handing over government secrets to wikileaks. during the sentence part of his court-martial said he was sorry and apologized for the unintended consequences of the few leaks. he says the past few years have been a "learning experience." manning took the stand as part of the defense strategy to get the judge to reduce his sentence. he faces up to 90 years in prison for leaking hundreds of thousands of documents. >>> one-time rising star jesse jackson jr., a democrat, he's now going to jail. he was sentenced t
Aug 29, 2013 2:30am PDT
. the united states of america will lead the world in building the next generation of clean cars. >> today, of course our show is focused on the city of detroit. if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends the population of detroit reached it's peak in the 1950s at 2 million people. since then the loss of swrjobs d to a decline. the population is less than 700,000. we have been listening to motown sound all morning long. so we with want to check out the revolution of one of the city's greatest experts. now that's my car. this is not your car. >> this is my car. look at this thing. 2013 ford shelby gt mustang. >> if we only had this in high school. >> if we did. >> i don't know if you ever made out with your girlfriends to motown. >> if i had this car i would have. motown was founded with an $800 check in 1950s and converted a house in downtown detroit to one of the most successful recording studio after time. they preserved the place where all the magic began. studio a and hitsville usa. take a look. >> manufacturing maybe the heart of detroit but motown is it's soul. with $800 and
Aug 9, 2013 2:30am PDT
war. pew research shows 64% around the world have a favorable view of america. that's a 14 point rise among those same countries when they were last surveyed back in 2007. still in muslim countries like pakistan, frustration over u.s. foreign policy has deepened. just 11% of people have a favorable opinion of the u.s. and there's been a dip in approval under president obama. the poll said that the highest favorability for the u.s., can you guess? the country that loves us the most is -- it's ghana of all places. we thought that would be good fodder for twitter. we're asking which country should like us the most? we want some good creative ones for us. we'll put the best answers later on the show. >>> mcconnell has some explaining to do after some comments that were recorded and then released. jesse benton said, quote, between you and me, i'm sort of holding my nose for two years, because what we're doing here is going to be a big benefit to rand in 2013. at the time ben-tan was -- economic policy general doom, benton called the leak sick saying i believe in senator mcconnell and i am
Aug 26, 2013 2:30am PDT
on "way too early," your best and most creative tweets on how to ruin a foreign tradition in america. [ whispering ] uh! i had a nightmare! the house caught fire and we were out on the streets. [ whispering ] shhh. it's only a dream. and we have home insurance. but if we made a claim, our rate would go up... [ whispering ] shhh. you did it right. you have allstate claim rate guard so your rates won't go up just because of a claim. [ whispering ] are we still in a dream? no, you're in an allstate commercial. so get allstate home insurance with claim rate guard... [ whispering ] goodnight. there are so many people in our bedroom. [ dennis ] talk to an allstate agent... [ doorbell rings ] ...and let the good life in. [ dennis ] talk to an allstate agent... a quarter million tweeters is beare tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to b
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)